Peter's public Keybase site

This file exists, all right. In fact, I wrote it for the world to see. If you've installed keybase you can see the actual contents of this file (It's nothing Earth-shattering, I swear; just some basic CommonMark CommonMark icon that noone should use to determine Markdown's inherent usefulness or as an example of good code. Trigger warning for those who struggle with perfectionism before clicking any of the links below to view the source.) at /keybase/public/rscholar/ on Unix-like/macOS systems or K:\public\rscholar\ on Windows, if you've chosen to "Follow" me on Keybase.

And YES, it works. When I edit the text in on my phone or any of my computers, these sites all instantly update:

If you've installed Keybase yourself, this will all "just work" for you, too.

Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification Badge for Peter J. Mello

How it works is just a translator site that serves any plain text files that contain Markdown that are stored on the Keybase File System (KBFS) under /keybase/public as web browser-compatible HTML. This page you are viewing now is in fact just a plain text file containing Markdown which I saved at [/keybase/public/rscholar/](, all for free, using nothing but a little knowledge and the magic of Keybase.

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To the extent possible under law, Peter J. Mello has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this file. This work is published from: United States.